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Rajasthan has many amazing things to offer to the world. As dedicated Rajasthani traders, our vision is to expand our outreach to the whole world with the best from our place. We run a highly versatile service as marble handicrafts exporter from India, besides being a top exporter of spices. The traditional artisans work tirelessly on marble and granite, creating amazing idols of God, bird and elephant figures.

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Top Exporter of Spices

We are also top quality exporter of cumin and coriander seeds. Cumin imparts a typical refreshing taste to dishes that can be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You can use these finely powdered seeds by themselves or mixed with other spices such as coriander and poppy seeds for different tasty varieties. Contact us now for cumin seeds (jeera), coriander seeds (dhania), poppy seeds (khaskhas) exporter enquiries.

Our focus is to provide the products we make at the best quality at competitive market price.


Marble Handicrafts Exporter from India

As a recognized marble and granite exporter, we keep receiving orders on custom creations on stone. Please contact us to receive a prompt reply on estimates and to receive a catalog of statues, tiles, and slabs.

We have our own manufacturing unit keeping up with our reputation as top marble handicrafts exporter from India. We have the expertise to provide custom tiles and slabs of any size specifications as you require.

The state of Rajasthan is the highest marble and granite producing state in India. It accounts to 64% of the total production of marble and granite in India of different varieties.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide unmatched services at the best prices, whether it is as marble exporter, granite exporter, or as an exporter of cumin and coriander seeds. We work hard 24/7 and remain open to receiving trade inquiries from all over the world, at anytime of the day. As seasoned spices exporter in India, our attention includes adequate preservation techniques.

Our Mission

Our mission also includes investing on our constant growth as top exporter of spices. We keep an open eye on market conditions and provide the best rates with competitive advantage. Get connected for placing any amount of order. We make sure that you get the best deal with us as spices exporters in India.

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307, 3rd Floor, Talesra Chambers, Shastri Circle, Near J.K. Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India-313001

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A-601, Silver Square Apartments, New Vidya Nagar, Hiran Magri, Sector-4, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India-313002

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+91 855 209 7336, +91 882 4822 139

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